Thursday, May 10, 2012

The lovely Anniversary

Jon and I celebrated the Big 5 Years overnight in Glenwood Springs. It was great, Jill took the Kiddos overnight for us. We just relaxed in the hotel, went hiking up at hanging lake, ate the most delicious pizza, and best of all Jon bought me a road bike.. so excited! I really can't believe its only been 5 years seems like so much longer haha!

White Rocks

There is this little trail close to our house called the white rocks, its just a fun little walk to these rocks where you can climb around and play tag, Cookie loved it!

Just For Fun!

My kids have been cracking me up lately, they are so stinking cute! Easton has been eating his first baby foods, Cookie has been trying to potty train.. mostly she just likes sitting on her chair and watching TV. Every time I turn my back Cookie is trying to include Easton in something.. either play-doh, or putting a bunch of toys on top of him, there just fun!

Utah Trip Round 2

Jon had the following week after Easter so we headed back up to Utah for a few days for a little fun! We just hung out and relaxed, hit the aquarium and got to celebrate Haylee's 12th Bday!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Easter in Utah & Easter at Home

Easter weekend I packed up the kiddos and headed to Utah to stay at Amber's house to spend time with Jon's family. Jon had to stay behind because he was on call, so it was my first driving experience with just me and the kids, they did great! The weekend was fantastic, it was fun to see everyone and hang out, we ate yummy food, swam in the pool, just relaxed.. I didn't even leave the house once.. it was perfect!

 I came back the night before Easter though so Jon could be with the kiddos for Easter, he loved it

Easter Egg Hunt

The weekend before Easter we went to our friends big Easter Egg Hunt! Cookie was at the front of the pack just waiting to get those eggs, she did great for a while and then discovered chocolate inside one of the eggs.. in which she started to dig through all of the eggs to see what yummy treasures she had found. It was a pretty great sight to see! 


For Spring Break this year we went with some friends to Puerto Penasco Mexico! Some may think we were crazy for driving 14 hours with our little kiddos, but it was totally worth it! We had a huge 2 bedroom hotel room with a kitchen, right on the beach. Brooklyn was in kid heaven!

Phoenix on the way to Mexico!

 On our way to Mexico we stayed over in Phoenix for a few days and visited the Housley's! We had the greatest time, Kaila had her Birthday, Cookie played with Roman, and we had a yummy BBQ. It was so fun to be with friends and catch up!

Snow Day

 So I should have posted this a while back.. but didn't! WE had only one magic snow day this year in my opinion, and really it was just long enough for Brooklyn and Dad to go out and build a snow man! Around noon the snow had melted, but that morning was just perfect!