Thursday, April 24, 2008

Congrats Jon! BYU Graduate!

It's official.. Jon has graduated and we are so excited! No more finals, no more tests, no more homework.. hooray! I'm so proud of Jon, he has worked really hard, loved his classes and done really well, and in honor of this grand occasion we had a celebration! There was great company, good food, croquet, and a pinata.. now thats tough to beat! Thanks so much for everyone that came and supported Jon, we love you! Congrats Jonny!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Running in Circles.. sorry for the long blog!

I'm not really sure where to start as it has been a while since the last post, so get ready to get a bunch of stories all mixed into one. Lately Jon and I have been running from one thing to the next not as any surprise to anyone, but here is what we have been up to this past month.
For Easter we headed to Colorado to spend time with my sister and her family, it's become our tradition as the past three years Jon and I have gone there.. we can't miss it for the following reasons:
1. We are the official Easter Bunny's
2. Jill gets both Jon and I are own Easter basket full of delightful goodies
3. We get to spend time with family.. love love
4. We get to eat good food, and play guitar hero
5. The boys are so so dang cute!
6. Many more reasons which you would have to go there to see for yourself.

When we got back the Thompson's came to Utah to visit, and we took off the weekend to go to the Canyon's. The snowboarding was amazing, two days of it, we found this amazing run that we got addicted to! We stayed in the Condo with the Thompson's, had Emily and Dave come up to hang out, hot-tubbed and played settlers , it was so so fun!

Then we headed to St. George for Conference weekend to visit the Parent's and the Nelson's. It was great fun as we went with Dave and Emily and they had purchased a new video camera so we documented everything we did and everywhere we went, even including the rinky dink Arby's. Unfortunately at this time we have no photo's of this event as we took them all on Dave and Emily's camera.
As soon as we got back my sister was in town for just a day and I got to take Karter to work with me, he was super cute! The two older boys got to have a sleep over and Jon and I acted the part of super cool aunt and uncle, sure you want to eat that.. go for it, sure you want to stay up late.. just do it! They loved it, and in the morning they went back to their parents!!
Two days after that I headed to Atlanta Georgia as a secret spy for work.. better known as competitive intelligence. I worked like crazy and learned all about Arbonne so I could report back! This was my first official business trip and I felt pretty important. Here were the perks:
1. I got to spend $50 dollars a day on food all for myself, so yes I got the Ben and Jerry's, the room service, the expensive Voss water.. it was so fun!
2. I got to stay in a sweet hotel, with down comforters, and a incredible view of the city ( I was on the 35th floor)
3. Eric Weinheymer came to as a guest speaker, he is blind and climbed all of the 7 highest peaks on all seven continents.. so motivational.
4. They had great performers, including Ribbon people that dropped from the ceiling.
5. I went to Coke World, everything Coke, I took my picture with the Coke bear, and saw how they make and bottle coke. Best of all they have a taste testing area where you could try all the products coke makes around the world, there were 60 different products.. it was crazy. Also a word to the wise if ever in France, Do not.. I repeat Do not order the Beverly, it was terrible!
6. The best part.. Tim McGraw played at this companies Grand Awards Ceremony, and I was only 5-10 feet away from him at times.. it was so so fun.
The Downfalls:
1. I was away from Jon for 5 days
2. I had a four hour lay over in the Denver airport.. oh and by the way who knew airports have big train systems/shuttles set up to get from one terminal to another, it blew my mind.
3. I worked about 60 hours and had to wake up super early as it there was a two hour time change.

So there you have it folks! I have more videos of Tim if you need me to send them your way!