Thursday, May 31, 2007

Drawing Contest

So here is the deal, Jonathan and I had a drawing contest the other night and we need your vote. As you can see we are both very talented, but the loser has to do laundry for the next week and make a really yummy dinner for the winner.

So is it the clock or the light stand? We will be taking votes until Sat. may 2nd!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Santa Barbara Trip

For memorial day Jonathan and I took a trip to Santa Barbara. We spent the whole day going to the little shops, the pier, to the old mission. At the old mission they had some sort of charity going on where there was some amazing art done with chalk all over the side walks, people are so talented. The area is really beautiful where you have cliffs on the one side and the ocean on the other.. it was a great day and great way to spend our 1 month anniversary of being married.

No Sun Beach Day

On Saturday Jonathan and I along with Amber and Chris and their kids packed up our stuff and headed to the beach. The weather can be so decieving in California, down by our house it was warm and sunny and once we got to the beach it was overcast and pretty cold. The boys got on their wet suit gear despite the weather and headed out to the ocean.. Jonathan is just learning which is so fun! While the boys were out to play Gracie was trying to eat the dirt, Haylee was collecting water, Ethan was checking out rocks and building a volcano.. and Amber and I ate all the goodies she packed along! It's so fun to have the beach so close and to feel the sand squish into your toes.. I don't think I can get enough!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Honeymooners

So here are some highlights from the honeymoon.. not all of course!!!
Upon arrival at our hotel while checking in the staff on duty said so your "The Honeymooners", gave a little laugh and said "We have a big surprise waiting for you in your room!"
When Jon and I walked into the bedroom we saw these two kissing swans made out of bath towels.. it was pretty funny and made us smile.
The hotel room was huge, it had two decks, a full size kitchen and living room, it was just perfect.
The first day after arriving Jon and I were drinking our sippy drinks as we liked to call them and laying out on these huge beds they have next to the ocean. A man approached us asking if we wanted to go for an excursion on his sailboat. His going price was $135 dollars... well if you know Jonathan and his bargaining powers the price dropped to $35 dollars and we were sold!

So here we are, sailing was awesome, the waters as you can see was such a beautiful blue and the day we went the waters were really calm. They were so calm in fact that Jon and I were able to get behind the sailboat on a rope and be pulled through the ocean. Jonathan got also got the chance to steer the boat for a bit as well.. he looks like a really good Captain I think! Every night we went to a fun restaurant usually overlooking the water front it was so fun, and then at nights we would walk the beach.

Another excursion that we took was on our own jet personal jet boat out about 45minutes out through a jungle tour to snorkel around the coral out in the middle of the ocean. We had been in the water for about thirty minutes and somehow Jon and I were separated from our group when we saw a shark swimming around.. as soon as that happened I was headed out as fast as my flippers would let me get. We made it back safe and also saw a stingray and Jon found a big shell that he brought back as his treasure. The crocodile that you see below has not been zoomed in upon.. Jonathan got up that close while all the workers were saying "Sir, you don't want to do that." Luckily my crazy husband is still all in tact!
All in all the trip was a success.. the water there is so beautiful, we had a blast and our sad to have to come home!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Finally.. it happened to us!

April 28th 2007, I married Jonathon Swenson Cook.. it's official I'm a Cook and loving it. This has been the happiest moment of my life, and the day couldn't have been more perfect. It was so fun to be surrounded by our close family and friends to share the excitement with. The day could have turned out tragic.. on our way to the temple Jonathon and I realized that we were not even sure how to get there, we drove around for a while and then finally asked a runner on the street who pointed us in the right direction. We made it on time and things went smoothly from there, pictures were great, the luncheon was great, the food you get the idea. A special thanks to all who came to celebrate with us from short and far distances, and for all of you who helped with the preparations of everything. I told Jon that all I wanted on our wedding day was a sweet dance, but we had brought the wrong CD to dance to.. I don't think we even made it through the whole song but I think we looked good doing it.

So fun to be crazy in love and to be newlyweds

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The blogging begins...

Some may wonder about the word Jonina... but here me out, in our lazy society our friends got tired of saying "Where is Jon and Gina" (because we were always together), so they shortened our names into one easy word Jonina. The name stuck so when you see us together you can shout out Jonina!
So this is our first post, so we shall see how this blogging thing goes and hopefully everyone can enjoy our pictures and stories of our adventures together.