Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Six Months!

This past weekend Jon and I celebrated six months of being married, that went fast huh!! We headed up to Midway an area we have not ventured to explore yet. We first visited the crater which was quit different then what we thought it was. I was imagining bubbling water and smoke rising kind of like a hot tub, but it was more like sitting in a luke warm bath, but it was fun and we swam around! Then we went over to this romantic restaurant called the Inn on the Creek which was so cozy, and the best part about it was that we went in thinking this will be expensive but it's for a good cause... and when we got there they told us there was a special two for one entree's so it was cheap and perfect. I love being married to Jon there is never a dull moment thats for sure!!

Jon's Trip Out of Town!

Jon took a fishing/hunting trip two weeks ago, for an entire 6 days!! He went with my Brother in Law (Andy) and Conner my nephew and my Uncle Jim up to Idaho by the Salmon river! Here is a picture of the area and one of the fish that was caught. I had an entire week of productive things I was going to do with Jon out of town but somehow I never got to them, I have great intentions but life just gets busy, well plus I was trying to fill up my time with working, and football games and pedicures so that I would not be lonely. I am so glad he is back, it was too long! I told Jon to take lots of pictures but this is all he came back with, it works though!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween Festivites!

I have been really slacking on keeping my camera around with me for the adventures that Jon and I have been having. However I have been able to capture a few so here goes.
With the cold weather we have been having and Halloween approaching we thought it was only fit to carve some pumpkins and drink some apple cider to be festive. Our pumpkin didn't really turn out the way we had planned but really who's does?? Our pumpkin is on the right and our friends Sarah and Jamis is the one on the left, we have evil vs. silly!