Tuesday, February 26, 2008

SnowBoard Heaven

So do you ever really love something do it a ton, get busy forget about it, forget that you love something so much and then once you get out there and do it again.. wonder how in the world you went so long without doing that thing you loved? Well I just had this experience, Amber and Chris came to town (so fun) and invited us up for a day of snowboarding. I have to tell you I was a little nervous as the last time I hit the slopes was two years ago.. can you believe it two years have passed. I used to go on all my snowboard adventures with my girl Jessie we learned together we fell together, and we tried to do mini-jumps we loved it loved it. Then Jess moved away and I have been busy with work and then there is always the issue of money. All this said Monday brought back memories, the snow was powdery it was perfect. Jon did a great job as it was only his third time going, Amber and Chis were pro's and I would have to say all in all I was quite impressed. We have now decided we need to go at least 1-2 times more before the season is up. The whole weekend was great as we got to spend time with family and friends!

Here we are chilling on the side of the snow bank, we were getting pretty tired!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snowshoeing in South Fork

Here is some pictures of our latest adventure snowshoeing, Jonathan Dave and I got all geared up and headed towards the Canyon. It was beautiful, the sun was out, and we got to take all sorts of interesting non-trailed areas.. thats what you get when you go with Cook boys!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentines Day in Advance!!

So Valentines Day came as a surprise this year at our house! Melissa and I got together and planned a surprise for our husband's. So on Saturday we went sledding over in Saratoga Springs where we found a sweet hill to go down, minus the rock that both Jon and I managed to land on which we both now have bruises from! After that we went to the actual Hot Spring pools located over there, which was just incredible, there were diving boards and you could swim around and not be freezing or too hot. The pool is built over the springs so its all natural water, there is also a hot tub with a waterfall and we sat around drinking hot cocoa and cold cokes, kind of a weird mix but it was tasty! After that we headed to Texas Road House.. this has been our favorite restaurant as of late cause it's tasty and cheap. Melissa and I had originally planned to eat in Salt Lake at the Pie, that way we could get the boys to our next destination without them knowing we were up to something so we told them we had the rest of the night planned and they needed to drive to a certain address, they had no idea what was going on or that we had even planned anything. This I might add is quite a feat as I seem to not be able to keep anything a surprise from Jon. The address we gave the boys was to the Chase Suites in Salt Lake, we had found a great deal and this place had a fireplace, and robes, with a goodie basket! We all played ticket to ride in our robes (we did have clothes on underneath) and lit the fire and drank sparkling cider! Jon and Brett were totally surprised and it was a success. Love love Love love.. Love Valentines Day!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Love Connection

Jonathan and I now have a booth at Los Hermano's with our name on it.. so we went there to be the first ones to eat in the booth sense our names were painted on it! The way getting a booth works is that we had to meet at Los Hermano's and get married! So this of all places during college is where I met the man I was going to marry.. it's so funny cause I was so reluctant to even start working there in the first place. We worked for about 4 months together before we started dating, one of my first memories of Jon was when I was eating dinner upstairs and he was new, he came up and I told him he could sit down with me, and I thought to myself man this guy is really cute.. man.. and at about that point the guy I was currently dating came up and sat down by me, I was so sad there went my opportunity to woo this cute new guy! Somehow it all worked out, working there was great, and I'm happy to say that I got the cute guy I met there, he sure is great. Our booth will now be the hot spot for our future children to take their dates to.