Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moab Half Marathon!

Jonathan and I ran our second half marathon last weekend, and it was fabulous! The weather was perfect for running, we felt good and finished strong. We also got to run with my sister Jill and their running group called the Frunners which made things so much fun, and on our way to the finish we had my nephews cheering us in.. it was perfect! Running has become our latest addiction we love the way we feel.. well when were done running, and just the energy at the races, and it's been so fun as we get to train together. We are still debating but heavily leaning towards trying to run the St. George Marathon in October, we shall see when the time comes. For now our next run is this weekend, the Rex Lee Run.. which brings back so many memories running with Jessie* too bad she is not here to run it with me. Then our next half marathon will be the Salt Lake one coming up in April! We will keep you posted.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's your favorite recipe?

So every once in a while I try to be crafty, not usually with any success but I make my attempts and enjoy doing so! So here is some pic's of my latest treasure, which I think turned out pretty cute. I have been collecting recipes and trying new recipes aspiring to be a great cook, however I have not anywhere to put all of the recipes I have gathered and they are totally unorganized. So here it is my very own recipe box! If you have a favorite recipe.. please share!