Saturday, July 30, 2011

24th of July.. Pioneer Day

For the 24th of July we headed up to the cabin in Hobble Creek, to celebrate the Pioneer Day festivities.. well and mostly just to get out of town! We hiked up Doughnut Falls, tried to put Cookie in a bouncy castle.. which she was not a fan of, saw my good friend Jessie who lives in Singapore, ate yummy food, played in the park and watched the amazing fireworks, we loved it!

Harry Potter Craze

To celebrate the last Harry Potter showing, Jon and I decided to have a Harry Potter party, followed by going to see the midnight showing of the final movie. I know what you are thinking.. and yes we are crazy.. and I am pretty sure we are too old to ever see a midnight showing again, it took us two days to re-coop. The party was complete with yummy food and treats, and the previous movie showing outside on the deck, yeah for Harry Potter!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Big 30!

It's official, I can no longer say I am in my twenties.. which is pretty sad considering my hubby still gets to say he is in his twenties for 2 more years!! I thought I would be more sad but honestly I think my best years are still to come! It seemed like every day the week before my birthday was some sort of celebration, Jon would say now we are doing this for your Birthday. So on my Birthday when we were headed to my sisters house for cake and ice cream I certainly was not expecting this... lovely 30 surprise Bday party! It was all decorating luau style complete with playing the coconut game, hulu-hoop dancing, and a married couples game.. it was a blast, Best Birthday Every!

Glenwood Springs

We took a little day trip up to Glenwood springs with the intent of hiking hanging lake, however when we got there we found out it was closed and instead headed to costco, and then found a hike called bear creek. It was beautiful and right next to the river.. I would say a must do hike.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Drumroll Please!

If you haven't heard the news.. it's true.. Jon and I will be having a Baby Boy, due in November! The baby looked healthy and perfect and boy, we could not be more excited.. specially Jon. To celebrate we went mini-golfing , to lunch, and bought the baby a new outfit! We feel so blessed!

4th of July

Every 4th of July we head down to Flaming Gorge, this year we had planned to bring our trailer.. however the axle fell off as we started our journey. So with a few change of plans we headed down on Friday and were squeezed into the Jolley cabin.. luckily there was room! It was the perfect weekend getaway to be in the mountains and on the river. There were a total of 9 families which meant 48 people! The kids made 4th of July shirts, we ate yummy food, found a new perfect spot for fireworks, played games.. and best of all rafted the river. With the water being so high this year it made the rapids particularly fun with lots of rollers, needless to say there was no staying dry on this raft run. Cookie was a champ, I don't think I have seen this girl every sit so still .. she loved it! After the main run down the river with all the kids we do our traditional girls raft trip.. and it seems as though every year we do this there is some catastrophe!! By the time we got on the water it was later and they had let out more water which meant more rapids.. plus we were already pretty weighted down, there were 9 girls on the 8 man raft! We hit every rapid, one which made the girls in front fly to the back.. laughed, squealed, and then got hailed on so hard we had to pull out onto the side and wait out the was a great time! Here is Jon lighting all the sparklers for kiddos!

Hiking in Glade Park

These pictures just make me smile. While hiking around glade park reservoir we found these great meadow of flowers!Add Image