Sunday, June 23, 2013

Silver Jack Camping

We took a trip camping with the Vances up to Silverjack. We had a great time playing feats of strength, games, being evacuated due to fire, having our own camp fire and playing in the water.

Summer Time

Oh how I love me some summer time, the kids and I have spent most of our day time adventures involved in some sort of water activity, swimming, splash pad, and water pistol target range for days we are at home!

Father's Day and Tough Mudder

For Father's Day Jon had a guys weekend and did a tough mudder race. This consisted of running 10.5 miles, and about 20 obstacles. He loved it, there was freezing water, electric shock, barb wire all sorts of crazy stuff. When he got home we had this yummy cake and dinner waiting for him! Jon is a great Father and Husband we Love him.

Suprise Date Night

I surprised Jon with a fun date night, he didn't know what we were headed to, but I thought it was pretty fun! I think we are going to start the tradition of taking turns planning surprise date nights. We got on our bikes and headed down the river trail and hooked up at a new restaurant right of the trail, yummy food and a bike ride by the river what more could you want!

Utah Quick trip and Marathon

Jon and I ran the Utah Valley Marathon, it was my first marathon and Jon helped run me across the finish line!  WE had to wake up at the dreadful hour of 2:50 am just to get on the bus at the start line. I felt like the first 20 miles were pretty good, and then the following 6.2 were dreadful! I was happy to have accomplished this goal and glad to have Jon run so well! We got to visit family also, and had a great time by Amber's pool!

Highline Lake Baby

This summer has consisted of several trips out to the lake, mostly because my kiddos love to get dirty and play in the sand, and water!

Girls Camp - 4th Year Hike

I was thrilled to be apart of the 4th year girls backpacking trip for girls camp this year! I had a great time with the other leaders and the girls, and I was super stoked to learn how to use all my handy dandy backpacking equipment.. usually on backpacking trips Jon does all the work, so it was good fun to do it all myself. Jon did however fire me from packing so much food, but let me tell you it was so worth it having such yummy treats. The hike in consisted of 3.5 miles, followed by a day hike of 14 miles, and then hiking back out!

5 Dollar Happiness

I picked up this slip n slide for $5 and it has brought us great summer time joy.. I am thrilled that my kids want to play in it for hours and don't get bored, this equals one happy mama!