Saturday, November 8, 2008

Craft world here I come??

So I would not consider myself in particular a crafty person but I sure am going to try! The other night I made these cute little hair clips with my friend Claire!They are so cute and so easy to make! So I also bought material and have great plans to make bibs, burp clothes, and aprons.. I'll keep you posted as to how that all goes!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote Tommorrow.. Yes on Prop 8

So here is a little picture of our lovely Prop 8 sign, this is our fourth sign as the rest have been stolen. This sign however lasted 2 weeks, we glued it to the wood, stapled it on, and then screwed it into the tree, I thought for sure this one would be the winner, but sadly to say last Friday it was spray painted. Don't worry though we now have our fifth and last sign way up in the tree, nobody will be able to touch this one! This week has been crazy as we have done two Prop 8 rally's, one on Saturday and one tonight, no matter what happens it just feels good to stand up for what you believe in.. Go Prop 8!!