Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Adventures

Jonathan and I headed to Colorado to spend time with my sister Jill, her husband Drew and the four boys for the holidays. The break from school and work and to just get out of town was certainly needed and we just took time to relax and spend time with family. It's nice to be in a real home with Christmas lights twinkling, and homemade food all about, and little children excited to open their new treasures. We arrived on Sat. morning and stayed until Thursday afternoon, we ate good food including Sushi, honeybaked ham and turkey, homemade rolls, you name it we had it! We all tried to master playing guitar hero and we did happen to get somewhat better!! We taught Jill and Drew how to play settlers, we watched movies, we practiced playing with the new cool kids toy called the rip stick and fell several times... Jill also had us go running to keep up our schedule for the marathon coming up, and Jon got a Rifle for Christmas so him and Drew went duck hunting! Here are some pictures from the trip, it's so nice to be with family for the holidays, we had such a good time! I didn't get any pictures but we came back and got to spend time with Jon's family also including family Christmas parties, dinners, and seeing the new baby Austyn (not sure on the spelling)! It has been so perfect to be with our families to spend the holidays, I love this time of year and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and most importantly were able to feel the love in of Christ in your life*

I think we have here Mary, Joseph, one wise men and a Shepard!

Here is Jon on Christmas Dinner, I think we calculated that he had a whole gallon of egg nog over the Christmas Holiday so we had to get this picture! Below that are sledding, Jon hunting, and Karter being cute!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Land of the Warm!

I'm a bit behind on my blogging, but a few weekends ago Jonathan and I headed to St. George with some friends! Our friends had a condo with a pool and a hot-tub and it was warm enough to get into both even at night! It was the perfect weekend to go as it dumped snow in Provo and it was sunshine in St. George. Really we just hung out, played games, went swimming, got see our favorite St. George people (Jon's parents and the Nelsons) It was just really fun to get out of town and sense it was warm outside Jon and I got to go on a long run outdoors.. now that was a treat! One really cool thing we saw while we were there was a huge display of over 300 nativity scenes at the church, it was really quite specatcular I thought!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Intramural Football Champs!! Team Thundercats!

So every year since I have been in Provo I have played intramural football.. it is the very Best, I love it!! It is what makes me happy that we still live in Provo during the winter time! We won the championship last year and Last Thursday night we became the Top Division Football Champions.. we had no loses for the Pre- Season or Tournament games. This year I was a rusher and a blocker. I love to rush, there is such a thrill in pulling those flags off the quarterback before she throws the ball!! I had such a great time playing this year, my team was so much fun. Jon got some great pic's of our final game.. who by the way was so awesome and game to every single game and cheered , in the freezing cold most of the time!