Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A little bit of random

So this post is really random a little hodgepodge of stuff lately!
First of all I made this really yummy chicken and spinach Stromboli, courtesy of our best bites.. I think it turned out delightful with some homemade dipping sauce.
I was loving these pictures of Cookie, mostly because she is always a huge mess, and seriously I think the orange was encrusted on her neck from the Popsicle she had.. pretty sure its a bad idea to give your child one of those while in the car.. but she really was quite!This was from the ward party we had last week, where the sheep really did eat right out of Cookie's hand.. she loved it. Too bad you can't see her facial expression, and the front of her since she is soaking wet from the slip n slid she went down.And lastly but not least, this is my favorite.. my two babes sleeping in the bed on Sunday, I love this pic!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maiden Voyage

This past weekend we took our new pop-up trailer out for the first time.. yeah! We packed it all up and headed to steamboat springs. The trailer was great fun.. and so much better then being in a tent, I don't think I ever want to tent camp with young kiddos again!!
We hiked.. more like casually walked to fish creek falls, ate smores, shopped around, chilled by the fire, and played some great rounds of settlers. It was also really nice as we went with the Harmon's and the Clifford's who had trailers with bathrooms and ovens that we could use, Camp food never tasted so good! The only real down fall was Cookie thinking she needed to wake up at 530 and get in our bed to snuggle and sleep.. lets just say she took up half our bed!

Lazy Summer Days

I love summer days when it gets too hot to do anything but relax by the pool and eat.. these days are my favorite!

Need a Car Wash?

My favorite moments with Cookie tend to be the ones like these, where I stop caring if she gets wet, or dirty, or eats the rocks, makes a mess.. you get the point!
The other day Jon and I washed our cars in the warm summer afternoon, and Cookie decided she was a pro at washing cars, she loved it.. so if your in need of a car washing come on over!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hiking Potatoe Mt. and water holes

We drove up the Monument to hike this little Potatoe Mt. hike, and then also found some water holes, it made for a great Sunday drive.


Our downtown area got newly renovated, so for FHE we decided to get some yummy cheese fries.. really cause I just can't get enough of them and take Cookie to the water stop pad, does she look like she had fun?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Caught Red Handed

This is what happens when I turn my back for one minute. Cookie was in my room watching backyardigans while I went to make her a bottle. I came back only to find that she had reached up onto my night stand and grabbed the pringles I had left out from a late night craving the night before!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Fun

For Memorial Day we headed to Utah to be with Jon's family. We stayed at the cabin with the Nelson's and were able to also see the parents, Dave and Emily, Hillary and Adam, and Grandma Cook. It was a really relaxing fun weekend. We went and ate at the lovely Los Hermanos which I really was having a craving for, along with hiking, playing lava monster, going to the movie, having a yummy BBQ in which Tyler made the most delicious ribs I have ever eaten, we also went to the zoo, which oh my Cookie just loved seeing the animals, and play games at the cabin, it was lovely! Jon and I forgot our camera so we had to snag a few pictures from phones and Tyler!