Monday, August 6, 2007

Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear

Jon and I had started to doubt that California had a place that was nice and quite and away from the crazy mix of things. We got invited to Lake arrowhead and got to go with both sets of Thompson's! We started our drive and Jon and I had to turn around like 3 times before we were officially on our way, we just kept forgetting things. After about an hour and a half drive we were headed up the windy roads into the mountains, Jon and I were both grinning because this has been something we have missed about Utah, we rolled down the windows and soaked in the smell of the mountain air.. it was great. It was such a great time, we played with the kids and played games at night as they had all settled in their beds. Jon and I went on a half run half walk and I was so out of breath I thought I was going to die. So needless to say we are a little worried about our backpacking trip in a few weeks, coming from sea level! It was a really good time and unfortunately we didn't break out the camera till the end of our trip. Here are some pics of us at Big Bear going up to the alpine slide, the slide was great but it doesn't compare to the Park City two mile stretch!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Happy Birthday To My Sweet Sweet Jonny!!

Yesterday was Jon's B-day.. the big 24! I'm so glad he is 24 now, so he can no longer say oh Gina is 26 and I'm 23, she is 3 years older then me!! Now we are just back to our normal 2 years apart.

Yesterday we both took half days and went to the beach for our last time for a while, and we played all day with the boogie boards.. practically getting drowned the waves were so hard yesterday. Then we met up with everyone and went to this restaurant on the beach were they wrap up your food super cool as you can see from Jon's pose, his is a Dolphin with a mermaid on top!

I'm so grateful for such a sweet husband and friend, Happy Birthday Jonny!