Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Easton 1 Year!

Easton turned 1 on Thanksgiving Day.. I really can't believe it, this year went so quickly! Easton loved his cake and it was fun to be around family to celebrate and sing to him! Man I love my kids they light up my life!

Thanksgiving in St. George

For Thanksgiving we went to St. George to stay at the Nelsons and be with Jon's family. We had a minor flu problem but other then that we had a great time. We played games at night, ate Nelson's frozen custard, hiked angels landing in Zion's, hiked around snow canyon, it was a great time!

Rimrock Marathon

Jon ran the Rim Rock Marathon a few weeks ago and did awesome, he finished strong. I can't believe the monument is right here in our own backyard, it was really fun though I was able to run the last 6 miles with Jon.

Brooklyn Turns 3

My sweet girl turned the big 3, can you believe it? She really wanted to have a tinkerbell party or tink bell as she says it. So I made cupcakes for her pre-school class. After school we headed to the dinosaur museum with her buddy seth and then that evening we had the Harmon's over for her tinkerbell party. She was so excited!
 Brooklyn telling you she's three while helping to make the cupcakes

Swim Lessons

For the past few weeks I have enrolled Brooklyn in swim lessons at the rec center. She has a love hate for them, she loved them more at first until they started wanting her to do the BIG jump.. I bribe her with ice cream, I can't be having a wimp for a kid right?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fruita Fall Festival

Every year the little city of Fruita puts on a Fall Festival. The kids loved it, in the morning they have a big parade and bed races. Brooklyn was dancing to the music and marching when the bands walked by. We went back in the evening to enjoy some  rides and food!

Hiking Dino Hill

I have always wanted to be one of those cool moms who do adventurous things with there kids, so last week was my first attempt taking the two kids hiking with just me. We started with a very small hike so if there were problems we could turn back at any time. I always had to remind myself that it was more about the journey then the destination, as you can see the picture where Brooklyn is laying on the ground.. she thought it was a good place to take a nap. We were however victorious we made it to the top of our little hike, and back down with only having to carry the two kids at the same time for about 50 yards!


I seem to get behind so quickly on my blog, so here goes! October was a busy month for us, we found ourselves making lots of tasty treats, having a spooky dinner, hitting up the pumpkin patch with the preschool, cornbellys, an adult Halloween party, the ward party, and of course trick or treating!