Friday, May 30, 2008

Copperfield Expedition, Destination Kolob

For a few months the plan for Memorial Day weekend was to backpack to Kolob with our friends David and Britni, however as the day approached the weather was not looking like it would cooperate. So we threw around a bunch of ideas, none of which really interested us, and instead we stuck with our original plan. Friday we had the day off work and headed to St. George to visit family, we ate good food, made jewlery which was really fun, and played around snow canyon. It was saturday morning that we ventured onto the Kolob backpacking trail, we had thought it would only be 6 miles to our campsite so I thought thats not too far lets bring chips, and peanut butter M&M's and a block of cheese you get the idea, however 6 miles soon became 9. I will have to say the extra goodies were totally worth it though! The whole hike in was so beautiful the red rock with the green everywhere it was breathtaking. The next day we went on a 8 mile day hike to try and find Chasm Lake, this was no ordinary hike as there was no trail to where we were headed, lot's of river crossings back and forth, and then we wound up climbing up a mountain where you had to use your hands to hold onto the roots and weeds that were growing on it just to pull yourself up. Once we got up we had to skirt along the side which still had tons of weeds only to find that we had taken the wrong way up. At this point we were burnt out and our water was out so Chasm Lake will have to wait for another day. The whole trip was great, good friends, good food, fun hikes, and best of all the weather totally cooperated!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Warm Summer Days = Cold Camping Nights

The news forecasted warm summer days for this weekend and we decided to take full advantage and go camping for the first time this year! It really doesn't get much better then having tin foil dinners, junk food, fire, a river to skip rocks into, friends, and games. This weekend camping felt like our kick off to summer, we stayed up way to late playing cards and mafia but loved every minute of it. Mike would jump up and down when he was the inspector and really wanted us to decide with him, mark would make random accusations and Danielle always seemed guilty although she was almost always a citizen. The only hiccup of the trip is that none of us expected it to get so cold at night, it was probably around 3 in the morning and Jon who never gets cold looks over tells me he is cold and I said well that makes two of us I'm freezing so from there on out we squished in really close. I would say average amount of sleep on the trip was 2 hours, but then again who really goes camping to sleep!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Jill

It was my sister Jill's B-day last weekend so Jonathan and I headed to Colorado to visit for the Birthday extravaganza! Jill had been celebrating all week but when we got there we continued by playing tennis, watching movies, going to the boys baseball game and having a BBQ. We love you Jill, Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

You are my everything, Always and Forever!

April 28th was Jonathan and I's one year anniversary, which has been crazy to think a year has come so quickly it seems like just yesterday that I said yes and kissed Jonathan over the alter. It was truly a magical day. I love Jonathan so much and I am so lucky to be his wife, I think about that every day, man I am so lucky and so happy.
Okay so enough of the sappy now as many of you know Jon and I love any reason to celebrate so for our 1 yr. we spent the entire weekend celebrating. It started on Friday night we went to play mini golf, which was crazy busy so instead of standing and waiting behind people we went around the course and played any of the holes that were open until we hit 18! Aunt Jeanine let us stay in her condo in Salt Lake which is beautiful and over looks the conference center and the temple. So Saturday we hiked Ensign Peak which had a great overlook of the city. Then we ate yummy food at Paradise Bakery which I mention because if you haven't tried their cookies it might be a must! Then we headed over to the Red Butte Gardens which had some fun cacti that we checked out. From there we found the shoreline trail and walked over to Immigration Canyon to see the "This is the place monument." From there we took our Dragon Kite to the park where Jon had to constantly run for it to stay in the air (not as much wind as we needed!) After that we went to the Gateway for dinner! It was a fabulous evening! Sunday we went took tours around the temple and convention center, and went on a walk with Dave and Emily. On Monday the actual 28th we both had the day off and went on a long run up this great canyon we spied, and then we went to the driving range, played catch, ate yummy food, and then hot tubbed to top it off. It was an eventful weekend and we loved every minute of it.