Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Parents come to town

My parents came and stayed with us for 10 days.. and Cookie well she thought she was on cloud nine having a welcoming committee for her every morning when she got up, and all the additional attention! Unfortunately it rained a lot while they were here which put a small damper on plans, but we still were able to go to baseball games, eat yummy food, celebrate my Dad's 60th Birthday, watch movies, and do crafts! It was nice to have them here and break up my daily sometimes boring routine!!

The never ending hike

One evening we decided to hike Liberty Cap from the top of the monument, Jon had read about this new cool way that we could hike this trail which was to be around a 5 mile hike. We got a late start to our hike but it was a beautiful evening, we started the hike full of energy! After we had been hiking for quite some time, I started to wonder if we were ever going to make it to our destination as it seemed like we had hiked much further then 2.5 miles. However Cookie was being good and we continued forward, made it to the destination just in time for Cookie to have a blow out.. of course right! Then on the hike back it got dark and cold and it was taking forever.. and we had one tired baby on our hands. The hike was really fun but just needed to end about 1 hour earlier!! Needless to say we got home to do a little more research and found that the 5 miles we thought we hiked was actually 9.. at least we got a good work out right!

Happy Anniversary!

This year for Jon and I's anniversary we decided to celebrate at home but without the kiddo! Jill took Cookie for the weekend, while Jon and I were just at the house, it was perfect. We hiked to a place called rattlesnake arch where there are about 10 different arches, we went on trail runs, ate lot's of yummy food, went to the movies and then got to come home and sleep in our own bed.. it was the perfect at home getaway! I love this man and I'm grateful for all the adventures we have had so far!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I know Easter has come and gone, but it was wonderful, I figure it's never too late to post! Cookie loved the Easter Egg hunt, she really knew exactly what to do so it was pretty funny. My camera had some water spots on it so the pictures are not great but oh well!