Thursday, October 8, 2009

Update Update Update

So finally after much searching we found the camera and then after some more searching we found the camera charger.. yeah so now some posting finally!
It has been about two months since we moved from California and we are loving our new home here in Colorado.We are just about settled and Jon's work is going well so far so we are grateful and feel blessed! So what have we been up to, we took another trip to the Flaming Gorge cabin with friends and rafted and played however no camera at the time means no documenting pictures. We have also spent several nights over at the baseball fields watching our nephews play in their ball games. They had a great fall season and it was fun to hoot and holler at them!Recently we headed to Utah to stay at the Nelson's cabin.. thank you thank you Nelson's we love that place. We were able to go to the BYU vs. Colorado game which was fun, I love football season and the smell of concession stands! Here are the boys with Cosmo. Jon also went on a deep sea fishing trip in Washington with Drew our brother in law. He caught some monster salmon and had a great time. He did however get sea sick for the first two days.. sick enough he said he can't even look at saltines for a while, the third day was the charm with no sickness. We had a fish bake when he got back and for the first time I actually started to like fish and wanted seconds.. which never has happened before!Let's see what else... we also just had another ultra sound officially showing that this babe is a girl and she is not breach. Everything is looking well, and we are just waiting for her debut, only a little less then 5 weeks to go! Here is the most recent bump picture, just taken on Sat. This is a hike called the lunch loop, I am definetely looking forward to running this instead of walking/hiking in the near future!As for pictures of our place I haven't taken any pictures but I will soon!