Sunday, February 27, 2011

The High Life

There are often moments in my day when I can't get enough of this bug! Also there are moments when I have had enough of this bug.. haha! Today however as I was cleaning my room, Cookie was laying on the bed watching the backyardigans, when I looked over and caught her looking like this.. oh Yes I am living the high life is what I'm sure she is thinking here. Then when she noticed I was taking a picture she decided it was funny and then hid herself! I love moments like these.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


The last port we went to was Cozumel. We decided to take the ferry over to Talum and see the ancient ruins. The site was beautiful, then after wards they took us to a private beach for yummy food and laying out!

Grand Cayman

In the Grand Cayman they took us out on a 30 minute boat ride where we were able to snorkel and play with the sting rays.. when I say play I mean Jon played while I mostly observed! Then we had a yummy lunch off the beaten path and now I keep craving Thai Chili wraps!

Friday, February 25, 2011


In Jamaica we basically had our own tour bus which was fantastic. We went to Dunn's river falls and hiked up a huge waterfall. They recommend getting guides, but we decided against it due to the fact that we didn't want to be with a ton of people and hold hands like chains, we just did our own thing. After that we traveled through Jamaica and went tubing down the river along with some cliff jumping.


Haiti was our first stop on the cruise, there wasn't tons to do there so we just enjoyed having a beach day, lounging, swimming and reading.

Cruising in the Caribbean, Boat Life

Jon and I went cruising with some friends last month in the Caribbean! It was fantastic to get away, huge thanks to my Mom for watching the kiddo!!

Boat life primarily consisted of eating way to much food and then going back an hour later for way too much food again! When we were not stuffing our faces with food, we went rock climbing, played a rough game of dodge ball, Jon did the surf thing, went to shows, played games, and at night we hit the crypt for dancing.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Strap on your Shoes.. its 54 Degrees out!!

It may be premature to think we are headed for nice weather from here on out, but the past few days have given us high hopes and we are taking advantage! Jon was able to get off work early yesterday and we packed up Cookie and took off. This time we did a hike called Echo Canyon, it was great and only about 4 miles so just perfect for Cookie!

Your Mine Valentine

For Valentines Jon and I went to a little Bistro on downtown main street, followed by eating delicious treats and watching a movie on the couch, I love any excuse to celebrate!