Friday, September 26, 2008

Music that moves you?

So for whatever reason it has been a while sense I really listened to music, when I'm in the car with Jon we are talking and until now I was always busy during the day so I didn't get the time to listen to anything. So I realised recently that I miss my old friend of music, this past week while in the car running errands I have listened to so much fun music on the radio, it's amazing how music can alter a mood, make you happy and excited or reflective. So if you were to see me right now driving my car I would be bopping my head around singing hit and miss words and having a good old time. So the question is what is the music that moves you? I need to get some good mixes and tunes going considering that the radio doesn't always provide the best stuff. Let me know your thoughts!! I need some good stuff!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

California Camping Extravaganza

For Labor day we headed up to Lake Isabella near the Sequoia's to camp, now don't get the idea that sequoia equals trees everywhere because that is not the case where we went. Apparently we did not go far enough to get big trees! The first night was just Jonny and I and let's just say the river was amazing, the town was amazing however our camping spot was compact with several people playing loud music until 2 a.m I was not a fan. The next morning we packed up and took off to find better territory worthy of us!! We found a great quite place right next to the river that was cool and perfect. Amber, Chris and the kids came up and we roasted several marshmellows, played games and enjoyed being outside!

Angels vs. Texas Rangers!

Jon and I got some sweet tickets this last weekend (Thanks Eric and Claire) to the Angels game. We were right behind home plate only about seven rows back so everything was super up close! We got VIP parking which means you basically park at the front entrance and walk in, once in your seats they bring the food to you; no reason to walk around and find it right! The game was really fun to watch, we saw a great catch that was headed over the bleachers for a home run, and we saw a major home run hit. Usually I love ballgames for the seventh inning stretch and the hot-dog, however I was totally entertained by being close to all the action that I loved it just for the game itself.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weekend Adventure!

Jill and Drew came to California to be our first visitors at our new pad! The weekend was amazing and I have to say I think they have more energy then Jon and I do. We hit Universal Studios for our first time ever and I would have to say the mummy ride was my favorite, the first time on Jill and I were gripping arms screaming it was pretty funny. The Jarassic Park ride was great that is if you want to be wet for over half of the day! That night we bummed around the city walk, ate yummy food and watched a movie. The next two days we hit the beach and boogie boarded. Jill and I tried to share a boogie board and make a wave in together, I wouldn't say we were completely unsuccessful however we got drowned a lot of times, are final ride in
 we got hit by three waves just to make it to shore it was pretty sweet. The weekend was a perfect escape from real life and it was so fun to see Jill, we have set a record this year of seeing each other on a monthly basis until now we will have to wait three and a half months until our next adventure!