Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Big 2!

My sweet girl turned 2 today.. can you even believe it, cause I can't. She brings so much joy into our home and I try and treasure every moment. Today was perfect, she slept in, woke up happy and snuggled with me in the bed watching a show for about an hour. Then we made a big breakfast, got ready for the day and she went to play group. After play group we went to lunch, and got a few treasures for her birthday. The Harmon's came over a little later for pizza dinner and cupcakes. All of the boys got pink princess necklaces as they came in the door.. which they all appeased me and wore! It was a great celebration, Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Pregnancy Belly

The pregnancy belly card did not pull through for me today my friends.. I know can you believe it? I used to think once people could tell you were pregnant you could get away with anything! Today however I got pulled over by a motorcycle cop. I shifted my weight over to the window side of things to show off that big belly trying to push it out even further then it already is. I really couldn't think what I had done wrong, but I thought for sure once he saw this big belly I would be home free. Turns out my registration is expired and so was my grace month period =( I really had no idea and then tried to blame it on pregnancy brain haha.. sadly to say I still came home with a ticket, but at least he didn't say anything about my Utah License.. I have still not switched over to Colorado yet!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Festivities

I am a little sad to see Halloween season be over, I really love all the fun festivities associated with this season, mostly the yummy treats you get to make.. and eat!
For the ward party Jon went as the Chef, and I was the bun in the oven.. our little Brooklyn was the ladybug! We had a great time and I must say love that we have a kid that can win us a cake on the cake walk!

Here we are for Halloween night, we had yummy soup inside of a spider, along with some treats and then we headed out to Trick or Treat! Brooklyn was all over it, she maneuvered her way up through the kids to the front of the line, got the treats and ran with dad to the next house.. sometimes if she was lucky she could get her hand inside the bowl and grab a handful.. that's my girl right!