Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jon's first monument ride

A few weeks back we Jon and I got a sitter and with a few friends biked up the monument and across. This was Jon's first time doing the whole thing, and then we tacked on a few more miles making a total of 43 miles. This is the most beautiful ride of all time. It was fun to bike with Jon even though I only saw him all of 5 minutes, he was flying and then I would just meet up with him at certain spots where he waited, still good fun! I only took a picture at the beginning and the end so no real great beauty pics.


We had a really great Easter this year, we spent some time in St. George the week before and did an Easter Egg hunt with cousins, then we headed home, we had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday with some friends and one on Sunday with more cousins.. good thing my kids don't realize yet that i just used their eggs from the day before! We ate a yummy dinner with the Harmons, and of course Jon kept the tradition going of hiding the kids Easter baskets in all sorts of crazy places. Brooklyn was cute this year she understood the easter bunny was coming to bring her a treat but she also remembered the story we told her, she would say Jesus died, went to the tomb for 3 days, then he came back to life and saw Mary. It was cute.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Independence Rock Hike

So we got back from vacation on Thursday night and here we are on Friday hiking up Independence Rock with the family, can you say activity addiction problem?? This is one of the best hikes Grand Junction has to offer, it is a pretty steep 2.5 miles up to the Main rock, and the kiddos made it and had such a good time! And of course when we got back from the hike, Jon and I hit up a good bike ride.

St. George...Spring Break

We had the week of spring break off and headed to St. George to enjoy the sunshine. We had a great time with Jon's family. We went to Neilson's Frozen custard, Benjas, rode bikes, hiked, played games, had an easter egg hunt, went to the rec center, we truly had the greatest time and wish we were back, Cousins are the best. 

Moab 1/2 Marathon

A big group of us ran the Moab 1/2 Marathon, it was great fun! We had a big group dinner the night before, and also got new shirts to run in. It was super fun and I hit my PR of 1:57 oh happy day!

St. Patricks Day

Brooklyn's little friend invited us over for a little St. patty's day Celebration, it was cute they made little rainbows with fruit loops and necklaces and had this yummy layered dessert! Happy Green!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

So Jon had a business trip to Vegas about a month back, in which I decided to capitalize on and go with = best decision ever!! We headed out a day before his conference, and stayed in a great hotel called the Mandarin Oriental. It was fantastic, our room was great, the hotel was great, it was a perfect mixture of relaxation and fun. While Jon spent his time at trainings I went to yoga and kenesis classes, found myself by the pool, and taking naps. When he was done, we went to yummy places to eat, shopping, relaxing in the hot tub, and wondering around the strip. Such a fun getaway with the hubs, oh and yes we ate at the best Italian restaurant ever!