Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cruising on Board the Monarch!

Jonathan and I took a week off school and work to go cruising with 3 other couples, we found a great deal and had a blast. After we ran the half marathon we drove out to California on Monday to board the Cruise ship for 5 days and 4 nights. The cruise ported at San Diego, Catalina, and Ensenada. Some of our highlights were: The tour of the U.S.S. Midway, biking around Catalina, walking around the botanical garden's and bargaining for cheap stuff in Mexico. On board however we loved the Hot Tub, the Rock Climbing Wall, Family Feud, The Nightly Entertainment, Pina Colada's, and of course most importantly all of the free food.. big fan's. We had a blast being with friends, being away from the real world, and getting to see new cool places! Below this post is a slide show of some of our favorite photo's.

Cruising On Board the Monarch Pictures

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We "Rocked" The Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 Marathon!!

Here we are before the race starts!

So it finally came and we survived!! My sister convinced Jon and I to run a half marathon so we started training about mid Oct. for the run last weekend! It has been so much fun going out rain or shine to run with Jon and to push ourselves, before this the longest I could run was 3 miles and I was dying. We headed to AZ with our friends Mike and Kaila whom we suckered to run the race with us as well! There was so much energy morning of the race and so many people, we started in the 4th corral out of 30 so before the race started Jon picked me up to look at the crowd and I saw nothing but people, they also had rock bands and cheer teams every mile to cheer us on. Jonathan and I ran the first two miles together and then he jetted forward, he finished at 1:54 and I finished at 2:12 both were under our target times we wanted so we were well pleased, specially cause the longest we had ran before this was 9 miles! It was such a great accomplishment I was so proud! at the end of the race we got medals and Popsicles and other tasty treats.. it was just fun and such a rush!
I don't have a picture of Jill and I at the race but want her to know that she inspires me to run great among other things! Stay tuned for our other running adventures, Jon and I plan to make this our year of running which we hope continues but we going for one year at a time, we have made plans for some other runs this year so I'll keep you updated!

Friday, January 18, 2008

California Dreamin..

Three weekends ago Jonathan and I got to head back to California to attend an award's ceremony for his internship over the summer and man did we feel spoiled. We flew in a few days early and hung out with both sets of Thompson's and the kids and went iceskating! Then we went to Santa Barbara and stayed in the nicest hotel Jon and I have yet to stay at.. they gave warm cookies as we checked in and our room had a big deck with an ocean front view with vaulted ceilings.. it was great. The awards banquet was great also, we chatted it up and danced around and then went back to our rooms and played a new card game with Amber and Chris! We had a blast, and a big thanks for the Thompson's for making it happen!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year

I love new year's as it is a time for new beginnings a fresh start.. a brand new 2008! Jon and I have been working on a list of some New Year's Goals and things we want to accomplish this year and it's just fun to reflect on life and what is really important. A trick I tried this past year that I found to be helpful was to make a few long term goals and then set monthly goals to help keep you on track.. if your anything like me life gets busy and I have to start fresh every week, but I figure as long as you are trying you are likely to get some of them accomplished!
For New Year's Jonathan and I had some friends get married and they celebrated in the 23rd floor of the Well's Fargo building in downtown Salt Lake, it was perfect as it overlooked the first night festivities of the down town celebrations. The couple arranged it so the party went on after they left with a Dj and everything, so we invited our friends up to play and dance and watch fireworks.. and to ring in the new year! So here are a few of our dance moves!Photobucket