Monday, August 3, 2009

Let's Just call this post July!!

It's been a while since I have posted so I will just lump all of July into one for you all to enjoy! July is absolutely my favorite month of the year it consists of the forth of July, my Birthday and most importantly sun sun sun! This July however with being pregnant I wish the sun would take it down a few notches but still I can't complain. It's been a crazy busy month so here goes it...

1. We started the month off taking our vacation over to Colorado and flaming gorge to visit my sister and family. It was fantastic we went on hikes and trail runs and played with her sweet boys. I'm a loser however and had too much fun I barely broke out the camera so here is a pic of Jon and I on one of our hikes.

2. For my Birthday celebration we headed down to Huntington beach, which is my favorite of all the beaches out here. We packed a picnic with friends, played in the water.. all the good stuff, and then headed out to dinner with my sister in law where you cook your food over your own grill it was great.

3. The latest Harry Potter movie came out.. need I say more. We headed with our friends Mandy and Aaron to the 1 A.M. showing.. thats right it took nearly a whole day to catch back up on that sleep. This is us just before it starts!4. Jon Hiked Mt Whitney all 22 miles of it in one day, he came home tired but accomplished, I was super proud. Here is all the brothers together!
5. We found out that we are probably having a girl.. yep that's right after two ultrasounds and the legs crossed both times we have not got a solid answer just a probable girl! Well take it though our little Brooklyn will be here shortly, only 14 weeks left!This picture was taken 5 weeks ago it's the most recent I have of the bump.. I look back only wish I was that size again.. I have grown much in the past few weeks.

6. And just to see if you were all still reading this lovely post.. Jon and I are moving this weekend to Colorado.. yes that's right moving this very weekend to Colorado. It has all happened super quick, Jon has been flying back and forth for the last few weeks to start work there and finish things here, but were doing it. He has been offered a great job and we feel like it will be a good place for another new adventure. So currently my life looks like this.. good times I know. I will miss many of the fun things about California but will also be happy to be done packing and situated in our next place. I am tired!! I am grateful for the little journeys that life takes us on.