Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Fever

I have been dying for sunshine, craving it, begging for it. I just needed some sunshine and I am happy to report Spring feels as though its finally here. We have tried to capitalize on every sunshiny day.

We did this lovely hike which took us to a Frozen water fall, which was really impressive to see. We also killed two birds with one stone because Brooklyn had been begging to go ice skating and being on the ice felt like we were.

Another day we hiked up Star Canyon, which may have not been the most kid friendly hike, but nobody seemed to complain!

And another hike with the kiddos up on independence.

And seriously every opportunity we get we have spent outside.. Happy Sun!

Marshmallow Wars

One of our favorite things to do is hike up to the White Rocks and have marshmallow wars. My kids love to climb around the rocks and hide, it really never gets old.


Valentines Day

I must admit I have an addiction.. to eating holiday food. Specifically when it comes to valentines sugar cookies. I started making these cookies around the beginning of January, by the time Valentines actually came around, Jon asked if we could stop making cookies because he could not stop eating them!
I had a little get together of kids come and decorate cookies and eat lunch. The kids loved it.

I also did a craft day.. I felt like telling pinterest.. nailed it! Brooklyn loves making crafts and really got into it.
As for Jon and I we stayed in for Valentines and Jon made us a special and yummy dinner, it was so delightful. We were so tired however we did not even make it to watching our movie.

Easton Gets Glasses

So our little man got glasses, they are actually super cute! However if anyone has advice on how to get a two year old to wear glasses while also wearing a patch on their eye let me know! I usually only get about 20 minutes before he freaks out.. this could be a long journey.

Seahawks Rule

These are late pictures, but the the Seahawks won the super bowl. We were mostly just excited to eat yummy football party food. It was also interesting living in Colorado and cheering for the Seahawks over the Broncos. We like both teams but it was kind of fun to stand out!