Sunday, November 22, 2009

Introducing Brooklyn Paige Cook... A.K.A. The Cookie

So finally I am getting around to posting about our sweet baby! At 8:20 Monday the 9th my water broke! Jon and I were were in shock, super excited and border line hyper about the situation. We had nothing packed or ready to go, our house was a mess and we had not done our grocery shopping.. perfect timing for the baby to come.. 10 days early!
So we got to the hospital around 9, and just hung out for a while, walked around, we were off to a great start. Around noon they wanted to get me on petossin, and then around 4 I got the epidural. Things were still going well until around 8 but then the baby's heartbeat was going into stress and I was not progressing far enough along. The baby was faced the wrong direction, so around 9 I was told we needed to do an emergency C-section.. yikes.. and yes I totally cried. It all worked out and at 9:50 our beautiful baby girl was born!! 7lbs. 8oz and 19.5 inches long, we are in love!Here is Jon the proud Daddy!
She is such a good baby, sleeps well, hardly cries and is healthy .. which has been a life saver for Jon and I as we have had a crazy week after the baby was born. We are so grateful for this baby girl, for the gift of life, for all your sweet prayers and support. Words truly cannot express how grateful we feel!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Weigh In Day!

So I left the Doctor's office the other day a little sad. Every time I go to the Doctor's I have the same routine, I try and eat the same thing in the morning wear the same outfit.. just so when I get onto the scale, I can hear the nurse say, good job you have only gained one pound. This had been a good routine for me and working great I almost expect the same good job every time I go in, but this week instead of one pound the nurse said... looks like 4 pounds! Seriously I thought 4 lbs. only one week.. wow what happened! So then as I waited for the Doctor to come in I had some time to reflect on my week and here is how it went...
Good friend Reeces Peanut Butter Cups somehow magically slipped into my cart at the grocery store, in which I ate the whole bag.
Followed then by some magical oreo twisted frostys from Wendys that I decided to try out, and then continued to try them out all week long! They really are delicous by the way! I guess I deserved to have the scale weigh me in at a 4 lbs. gain in one week.
I decided to be good so my next weigh in went better.. and now here I am the night before and not only have I been eating Halloween candy and making yummy cake, but I found myself tonight eating 4 slices of this lovely Papa Johns pizza... yes Four slices of the large pizza! I'm not sure exaclty how my stomach even had the room to fit four slices of pizza in, but it did and I can't say I didn't enjoy it! Clearly my eating habits have gone downhill these past few weeks, so I will have to let you know how weigh in day goes tommorrow and let's just hope this baby comes quick or who knows what I'll look like!

Happy Halloween

Halloween was a great one this year, Jon and I carved pumpkins, went to Halloween parties and ate way too much candy. Here we are all decked out in our costumes as Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3! And pictured below the lovely Jon deciding the best way to gut a pumpkin! Hope your Halloween was spooky good.