Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dancing Skills

So Jon and I found this site and we wanted to show you all our sweet Christmas moves!!
Go to the following website to see!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Gobble Gobble

So for Thanksgiving we took off to sunny California to visit the Thompson's, and we had so much fun!! We arrived on Thursday morning but had to leave on Sunday evening so it was a short trip, but it brought back so many memories of this summer. It was great to be somewhere and know your way around and to think of Jon and I's first few months together as newlyweds, it was so fun to be with the Thompson's who we have missed so much.
We headed to Gladstone's to dinner on Thursday which is always fun it's a little restaurant on the beach.. we did have one small hiccup on the way over in which I threw up all over Jon's lap.. yikes not good but he was really sweet about it and luckily I didn't make anyone else sick as we were all in the car on the freeway. We played great games of settlers, and chatted, and we got to see the Nelson's also which was so fun. It's always nice to spend time with family, so we were really glad for the opportunity! Grace certainly remembered Jonny as she just loves him and gets all giggly when he is around.. it's the cutest thing ever.
Thanksgiving is such a good time of year to reflect on all the things were thankful for, and Jon and I feel so blessed. I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I had planned but here is what I did get!


So my friend Jessie tagged me, and it's been hard to come up with 6 random facts or habits that I do.. but here goes what I came up with...
1. I am a total list maker, everyday I start out making a list with big boxes to the side so I can check them off. I make lists over anything I can think of and carry them around with me in my planner.. I swear it's the only way I can remember to get all my stuff done.
2. I have broken 4 bones, and have had staples once on my head. Here in Provo I think they know me by a first name bases in the ER. I broke my leg on the trampoline, my arm snowboarding, my nose playing basketball, my finger playing intramural football, and staples in my head snowboarding. I'm hoping for a few years at least before I get a new injury!
3. I love the office, the Nelson's got Jon and I hooked quite some time ago and I'm addicted and hate if I have to miss an episode or if it's a re-run.
4. I have a hard time holding still, I'm a total goer, love to always be doing something, personally I think I thrive a little on chaos. Weather it be running, sporting events, hanging out with friends just about anything and I am up for it. I have a hard time missing out on things, for instance if I am sick but there is something fun going on I usually make it to the event, or if people are over and I'm really tired and want to go to bed.. I can't cause I don't want to miss out on anything. When I was little my mom would find me in the most random places sleeping as I would try to be included in the adult fun.
5. I have some funny issues with food such as I only like guacamole that is homemade, but won't eat it at resteraunts or anywhere else for that matter. I only like tomatoes on somethings like salads but not sandwiches, tomatoes are really hit and miss with me. I only like soda or most drinks in the can or smaller bottle so that means no 2 liter bottles or pouring my drink out into a cup.. not a fan.Jon and I had dinner at David's a little while back and he had this like calzone meaty pizza and I gobbled it right up, Jon was shocked and said I don't know if I'll ever figure you out, I would have thought you would hate that.
6. I love any kind of celebration, if there is anything big or small I love to celebrate it. So if it be the 4th of July or Jon doing well on a test we celebrate. Now this doesn't have to be a big celebration but just something.

People to be tagged: Cami E, Jill H, Lisa N, Dave and Emily C.. and anyone really I would love to hear some funny things about you all!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sun Lover's

Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful, Jon and I woke up to clear skies and the warmth of the sun! So of course we have to take full advantage of the day, we started by going on a run and then we decided to hike up Stewart Falls with our friends the Housley's thinking it would be warm. We drove up the canyon to Sundance and our hike was mostly all in the shade a bit cold and muddy. It was worth it though after hiking for about 5 minutes we were warm anyhow. The falls were slightly disappointing as they usually are big and spray you upon arrival, this time you could hardly call it a falls. It was nice to get out in nature and hike around for a bit, and enjoy one of our last warm days before the winter hits. We all know once that happens Jon will be sad as he has self diagnosed himself with SADS disease!
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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dinner Fun!

The dinner festivities began, Jon and I had been talking all day about making homemade pizza and buying our coveted coke! We have been restricting our soda intake which Jon is really good about and I'm still struggling, so when Jon suggested that coke would be the perfect drink to go along with our Homemade pizza I was extatic!! So we headed to go our cokes which I drank as soon as we purchased and Jon put his in the Freezer to get nice and icy for the pizza. So we made our pizza which turned out amazing by the way, and Jon got his coke out of the freezer and had a bit of a coke explosion which he tried very hard to gulp down as it was coming out as to not get a ton of soda everywhere! I laughed so hard and got a picture, needless to say his coke didn't taste very good after that!
Here is Jon and the explosion, and below is our delicious BBQ Chicken Pizza!

So this isn't the best angle, but Here is the Recipe if you want to make it for yourself:
For the Dough:
2 1/4 tsp. yeast
1/2 tsp. brown sugar
1 1/2 warm water
Dissolve yeast and brown sugar in warm water and let stand for 10min.
Then Mix
1tsp. salt
2tbls. olive oil
3 1/3 C Flour
Let the dough rise 15-20 minutes

Roll out dough and add toppings for whatever kind of pizza you want. This one had a stuff crust with string cheese in the center, then the toppings consisted of Famous Dave's Sweet and Saucy BBQ sauce, mozz cheese and colby jack cheese, and grilled chicken spiced to taste!
Bake till it looks done at 425 !!! (Golden Brown) Also I bake mine on a pizza stone that has olive oil and corn mill on the bottom.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Get Your Ghoul On!

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This year Jon and I wore costumes that cost no money and really not much effort, but we still dressed up and thats what counts!! We thought of several great costumes we could make but we got lazy and did the last minute scramble. We got a group of us together and headed over to HeeHaws for the not so scary corn maze, it was fun and Jon had a great time going off the path and jumping out of different corners to make the girls scream. They also had a hay trampoline and they did have scary hay looking men dressed up outside the corn maze that chased us around. We topped the night off by heading over to Chilli's were the waiter really did think Mike was a woman so that was entertaining!