Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Amber

Tonight we went to the Thompson home for Amber's official Birthday for dinner and cake!! So we had to post a pic of her blowing out the candles!
Isn't she so cute!! Happy Birthday Amber, we love you!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


This weekend was a blast!! Jonathan and I are always looking for fun stuff so on Friday night we found ourselves a great ribs place to eat and then topped it off by getting some cheesecake factory cheesecake, I guess you could say I'm somewhat addicted to it. We ate our cheesecake and listened to some live jazz music it was great.

Saturday got even better.. Jonathan and I hiked up Fryman Canyon and I have to admit we are still a little sore from it today! Then we headed up to Oxnard for some Pre-Birthday fun for Amber!! We had a sweet spot on the beach and played frisbee football, however the goals were located past dead seals, one on each side so that was kind of sick, but we had a great time! Jon and chris tried some skim board tricks, and as you can see I totally buried Jonny!! He loved it, and kept saying oh you need to fix this part and you need to give me a tail.. it was great.

Then we headed to dinner and watched Evan al mighty which we thought was pretty funny!

All in all a great weekend!
Here are the skim boards... This one is Jonny
Here is Chis.. I kind of got him after the fact.. sorry
And here is the Mer-man!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bugs, Paddle Boats, Bugs

Jonathan and I went to Balboa park to take a ride on their paddle boats! However we went right in the heat of the day and there was not much wind, and I think that our boat had not been used in a while. We climbed in and we swarmed by bugs, not the kind that bite or anything just the ones that are there to annoy and don't go away easily. It was funny the whole time on the water we were trying different directions to get away from the bugs, but it was fun and surprisingly a good little leg workout! So here are some pic's from our adventure!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mini Golf Castle!

Marky Mark came to visit it us yesterday and we we went to the little "Mini Golf castle," it was actually the best course I think I have ever seen! Mark came in first at 48, Gina 52, and Jon 58! It was a rough game for Jon this time. However we came home ate some key lime pie and Jon schooled both Mark and I at the game of settlers so he made up for it!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Farmer's Market and Limo Rides!!

Jon and I have this obsession with Farmer's Markets, I don't know what it is but they just make us so excited. I think Jon likes them mostly because he likes to talk with them and get a good deal, and I like the free samples! Last year when we were visiting we had the most amazing strawberries from there.. so amazing I think we talked about them all day, so this time we were determined to find some just like them!

We were pretty happy cause this ones we found were pretty comparable.. most of them are already gone now! We also got a steal on these beautiful flowers that Jonathan bought for me, so I was pretty happy! Jon knows anytime he gets me flowers it's like a get out of jail free card all week long... not that he really needs it though!

The rest of the day we spent on our Fancy Limo... cruising the beach!

Isn't that Limo ride something... well at least that is what Jonathan and I called it because it resembled the turning radius of one. It was super fun, we almost broke the bike trying to go up a large hill, we saw all the funny people at muscle beach trying to do cool stuff, and then all of the little shops down on Venice!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

A place of our own

So I have had a few requests to put up some pictures of our apartment on my blog.. so here they are. I love to come home and if there is a mess on the floor or table it is because I made it, not my roommates.. just me well or Jon! All of the food in the fridge is ours.. and we can acutally find it, and not get it confused with someone elses stuff. It's so great.. I seriously get so excited everytime I open the fridge or go to the pantry and see that my chips are still there.. or that tasty treat I made last night is still there! A special thanks is in order to Amber and Chris for helping us get everything set up over here! The Pic's aren't too exciting, we have some decorating work still to come!

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Getty Museum

Saturday Jonathan and I headed over to the Getty Museum.. which was just beautiful, the overlook of the city is so great, along with the architecture of the building and the gardens! We took a picture by our favorite piece of artwork that we saw there, its a pretty common piece "The Lilies", the best part about this picture is not just our contemplative look toward the painting but the fact that we forgot that in the museum you can't have your flash on so the poor guy taking our picture must have been waiting forever cause Jonathan and I didn't turn around for so long.. cause we were just waiting to see the flash go off. So eventually the guy taking our picture says.." So are you guys wanting me to take more pictures? " We had a great time.. it's been really fun to just explore the city!

And the Winner is...

Both Favorite!!!
A special thanks to Tyler who at the end voted for the lamp otherwise I would be cooking the special dinner and doing laundry for the week.. wait don't I do that already?? Jonathan drew the clock and I did the lamp! So since it was a tie Jon gets to cook and I'll do the laundry. Thanks for your votes it was so fun to check every time we came in the house to see who was losing or winning!