Friday, June 27, 2008

Jackson Goodbye Party!

Our fabulous friends the Jackson's are moving to Portland Oregon for Dental School, so we had to have a happening party full of swimming, bbq, games and more! I am sad to see them go but excited for them also, and now we will have a great excuse to visit Oregon!

Monday, June 23, 2008


We had a BonFire up in the South Fork Canyon with friends this weekend! We had fun games, good stories and great Fire! Thanks Danielle for taking these fun pictures, I love the group one with Jess laughing so hard!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trail Running.

Jon and I have been really wanting to get into trail running as we thought it might spice up our runs and make it more enticing to get out there and do it. So we went up the canyon to Stewart Falls to make our first attempt, however as we were about to reach our destination we realized there was a ranger in the parking booth meaning would have to pay 6 dollars to park and hike the trail. Jon and I were obviously way to cheap for that and turned around to find a secret way to get into the hike. Actually I don't know if it is even a secret way but we basically started right at the base of Sundance and it was free so we were pumped. The run was great there were so many obstacles to keep our minds off the fact that we were actually running!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Catch -All

Here is just a quick update of our happenings as of late...
The nights have been getting nice and warm which makes being outside late really nice! I find that at least once a year while living in Provo to hike the Y, so we went with our neighbors David & Britni on our late evening trek. Surprisingly instead of panting at every switch back like I usually do, I made it up and wasn't even really winded, progress is always good right.
Our next adventure consisted of my sister and her family coming to Provo for the day to visit. We all went to Red Robin and played in the swimming pool. The two oldest boys stayed the night at our house, as Jon and I are always looking for ways to be the favorites to all our nieces and nephews! The weather wasn't great so we were limited, but it was still so fun to see them.

The final adventure that I need to catch up on is our California Trip.. so fun! Jon and I headed to Sherman Oaks last weekend to hang with the Thompson's. We celebrated Ethan's birthday, ate dinner at Gladstones on the beach, and of course took a trip to the beach. It was a windy day which means only Jon was up for getting in the water!

Above is Jon making his all time favorite drip castles with the kids. Below is him on the boogie board and getting buried! I think he just crashed in this one!

We have been having such a great June, and there will be more to come!