Monday, September 24, 2007


So I have always had a bit of an addictive personality weather it be to food, a game, sports, just about anything. I really didn't think I was in much danger as the girls as work talked about the twilight series book.. I thought silly vampire book. Then some how I just kept hearing about it everywhere I went people brought it up and were talking about it. When I went to my sisters house she had them all around also, So I broke down and got the first book, that we less the a week ago now and I just purchased the third and final book at this time hoping to hurry through and read the book to cure my addiction so I can get back to normal life and so Jonathan isn't so bored!! This book has been really been a quick and fun read and keeps you excited to read more, so if you haven't read it look into it when you get a chance!


Two weekends ago Jon and I took our three hour ride to the Grand Junction Colorado to see my Sister, her husband and the boys as we call them! We arrived just in time to see the rest of Conner's baseball game, and watch Karter try to run the bases with his one arm swinging away as the game was all over. Jill woke us up really early on Saturday morning to go on a run, she comes up the stairs at like 8:30 telling us that she has been up and waiting for an hour before her husband would let her wake us, she had all these great plans for long runs, starting with 9 miles, we finally settled on 5. She rocked us, but we made it. The trip was great and it was so fun to be with family and to see the boys!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wind Rivers

So Jon's dad just sent us some pictures from our backpacking trip to the wind rivers and I thought I would post some of them!! The trip looking back on it was really fun, it was 5 days long and we covered some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Kent did a great job as our camp cook, which I was really happy about because it's hard to spice up backpacking food. Let's see some highlights from the trip were getting hailed on while in the tent, boys knocking over the tree for some wood, singing songs on the trail with Jon and David, playing cards with Eric even though he beat me ever time, campfires, laying awake at night wondering if I was going to be eaten by bears, Clint sharing his coveted sharp cheese and crackers, making it to camp and knowing you don't have to hike any more that day, moleskin for my blisters, just being with family and friends.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wedding Festivities!

So two of our most favorite people got married recently, Mike and Jessica Cook!! More Cook's to add to the clan! The wedding was awesome and best of all Jonathan and I got to be part of the wedding party and recieved an award at their wedding for being matchmaker's of the year!! It's now framed and in our new office, we were pretty proud and got to make a speach at the wedding! Jess was so beautiful as you can tell from the pictures and we are so happy to have more married friends.. and family! We are so happy for them and the wedding was fabulous with great food!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Slacking on the Blog!

So I have become a slacker on the blogging, and decided that enough is enough! Jon and I moved back from california almost a month ago and our lifes have not sit still sense. For some reason every day is filled with something that needs to get done, or we are busy playing, or working or school or something... Life just gets busy. WE have been so sad to leave California, we miss it, and we miss both sets of Thompson's, and the beach, oh and the cheesecake..yum!! We are now back in Provo and Jon has started school and loving it, and I am back to the grind of work, I realize now just how good I had it, working from home. Our new home is nice, the living room is almost microscopic, but the rest is not too bad and eventually we will have time to decorate it! I am at work writing this so I have no pic's to blog, but I promise some pic's of our latest adventures soon!