Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bad Car Luck

This picture pretty much describes I how feel right now, Last week we had to tow Jon's car because it wouldn't start to an auto shop and then yesterday I was driving back from dropping my sister off at the airport in LA, when my radio went out, then the air, then the blinkers, then the gas. Luckily I managed to get off the freeway without causing a wreck due to the prime traffic hour that my car decided to break down at!! Then I had my car towed away, just plum bad luck I have to say.. the car places out here charge you an arm and a leg and then some. Sometimes I have to think Why Now!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Does it get more beautiful then Alaska?

Recenlty Jon and I took an Alaskan cruise with some of the Cook side of the family and it was amazing. I really feel I have never seen a place so beautiful. Some of the main highlights from the trip were: Zip lines in Ketchakan, were we went down seven different lines and 3 floating bridges, celebrating Jon's Birthday and having the waiters sing to him, the glacier in Juneau was the best part for me. We took a helicopter ride for about 1/2 hour and then landed on the glacier. We were dressed in gear with cramp ons and ice picks, and hiked around the glacier, drank glacier water, rappelled down the ice, it was so incredible. In Skagway I got to see two of my uncles, my Aunt Karla and cousin Kristen which was super fun and we got yummy fudge from their shop which was devoured in about 1 day! We also went on a sweet hiking trail which took us up to lower lake, we walked around town and of course had ice cream. In Sitka we found a nature walk trail that everyone went on, and then Jon and I found an amazing trail run, the best ever. The trail was great with just the right amount of up's and down's, we had to keep yelling bear as we ran as to make sure we did not run into one! About 3 1/2 miles up we both had a feeling we should turn around and head back to town. In Anchorage we mostly chilled and at yummy food, walked the town, and somehow Jon and I got the honeymoon sweet room that included a jucuzzi right in the middle... I really can't complain! The boat was great with plenty to eat, and rounds of settlers to be played. The whole trip was just amazing however trips are always more fun when your surrounded by friends and family, thanks for making it the best Amber and Chris, Kent and Debbie!!!

The above pictures are of Skagway and Sitka.

Above Pictures.. The Glacier

Above Pictures the zip lines, we even got medals!

Above pictures.. The boat life!

Sorry for some reason when I make these they create duplicate pictures.. whoops Also you can click on the grid to make them bigger!!