Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Time Biking

 So some of you may or may not know that Jon and I are signed up for the Half Ironman that takes place here in Grand Junction in May. Training has been a bit tricky with kids and schedules and weather! It has been super fun to train however it has been extremely cold in Grand Junction this year. So last week we had a little warmer weather, were talking like 27-31 degrees and sure enough we ventured out, it was cold to start with and windy but got really nice by the end! Still fun to get out and breathe the fresh air.


Every year the ladies here plan a Ski-Tacular day! Its pretty fun all of us ladies head up to powder horn for the day and ski/snowboard! The best part for me besides the company of course is always lunch time, something about being on the mountain and eating Chili and fries will a yummy drink! Perfect Day! I can't find my big group photo but here are a few of us!


We took a quick weekend trip to our friends cabin up in Ouray a few weekends ago. It was a crazy adventure for us, but all ended well! We went up with some friends and there car got stuck and would not make it up the steep mountain, so we all loaded into our truck and went up. Once we got up we had about 200 yards or so that we had to carry all of our stuff and kids up to the cabin. We loaded the kids in the sleds and trucked out stuff in, the snow was pretty deep and the kids were cold by the time we made it to the cabin. Once there though we warmed up and got cozy. The kids also enjoyed lots of sledding the next day, fun times.

Boys for the Week

My sister took a week and went to Hawaii so we got to have all the nephews here at our house staying with us! Brooklyn had the time of here life as you see they played with her, painted her nails, just about anything she wanted! They were super fun, we had some yummy food and movie nights.

Full Body Painting

Brooklyn's cute little friend Taylor had her over for a paint party on her birthday. They are super cute little friends. Brooklyn was really not sure what to think about letting paint get all over her body and self. She had a great time!

Salt Lake

I always get behind on my blogging, so the next several posts make up our January and February. We took a quick trip over to Utah to hang with Jon's family. We mostly just relaxed and checked out the new outlet mall. We also went to dinner for some delicious ribs, Love this picture of Chris! Also Cami made these super cute hats for the kids, they love them!