Monday, July 23, 2012

Birthday Extraveganza

Most of you know I am big on having any reason to celebrate or party.. which is why my Birthday tends to be more of a Birthday week! The morning of my Birthday I went on an all girls birthday bike ride! Then later went to lunch with my sister and dinner with the hubs! Then Thursday night of course we did the concert in the park, followed by Friday in which I went Mt. Biking and then had a Birthday party in the park by playing flag football.. my favorite! It even rained to top it all off! It was a great week!

Thursday Night Summer Concerts

Every Thursday night in Fruita there is a concert in the park. We have made it to most of them and some of the music is better then other nights, but its always just nice to be outside watch cookie run around and dance, and of course eat pizza from this yummy pizza joint Hot Tomato! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Mexico

Jon had a week off work, and so we headed to Ruidoso New Mexico to visit all of the Jon's brothers and Emily! We had a great time, paddle boating, eating yummy food, hiking, collecting slugs, go cart racing, poker, pony rides, making shirts, sitting on the porch while it rained, and best of all the kick off to Birthday celebrations.. I got a great pair of cowgirl boots!

The Month of June

I was going to do separate blog posts but I am way too far behind! So here is to the month of June.

I made Homemade Root-beer with my nephews which was fun to do and gross to drink.. it was a good thing that I had extra IBC Rootbeer in the fridge!

There has been lots of swimming in the little kiddie pool in the back yard and the big pool at Jill's house, Cookie is in love!

Cookie and I bought squirt guns and most days we go outside and hide until Jon gets home and hose him down!

I just love this picture of Cookie and Easton we were just laying out under the trees in the shade looking up!

Highline lake has also been fun to go and play with the kids, Cookie loves digging in the sand.

Here is the Garden my sister and I have been busy working on this summer, we hoed the lines, planted and water, we are getting great results.

Cookie hanging with the boys at Bananas for Rylans Bday!

Here's to Peyton's first day of work and many more summer after noon trips to the snow shack!

My parents came for a visit for a few weeks, which was super fun, my kiddos had a great time. My mom was awesome and painted Easton's room and my toy room, we went hiking to the mica mines, played in the water at the stomp pads and just relaxed.
 Here they all are on fathers day, and Jon and the kids on fathers day!

Palisade Half Marathon

For Mothers Day weekend I ran the Palisade half marathon with my girlfriends! I have to say that the first 6 miles were fantastic, and the rest of the half was grueling, but I finished!

The Nelson's Visit

I am way behind on blog posting so be prepared for all the upcoming posts! The Nelson's came all the way from St. George to visit us, so happy! We went road biking, played marshmellow wars, laser tag, and eating! Unfortunately all there kiddos got sick the last few days! We can't wait for round two however!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

First Hike with Both Kiddos

Here is to document our first time hiking with both kiddos! We hiked up on the monument, saw lizards, played in the water and Easton just slept the whole time!