Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bon Appetite

So I just had to post this most delicious dinner I made! Cooking has become my hobby for the past year or so, I love trying new dishes and eating yummy food, and really I love to have good food for when we have people over. I have decided however it is time to challenge myself a bit more and make a few more fancy type items. Here is attempt one and it was pretty easy. It's called spiced pork with a bourbon reduction sauce. If you have any good ideas of things I should try let me know!

Sleep Over!

Last weekend Jon was out of town, so I had all my nephews sleep over! It was a great party, we had pizza, games, movies, they all went to bed good and in the morning the baby took a long nap so we all went out side to play some football, it was a blast!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Here are some sweet pictures my girlfriend Lara took of the Cookie for valentines day... Enjoy!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Date Night

Jon and I celebrated valentines early this week as he is out of town valentines weekend. This year I was in charge so I surprised him and went rock climbing and then went to yummy dinner, it was super fun just to be out on a hot date without baby!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Road Trip Day!

One of Jon and I's favorite things to do is explore new places... specially for when we have visitors. Our adventure consisted of driving about an hour away to glenwood springs. You may think this small town does not have much to offer but we found some great things. For example they have a hot springs that varies in different temperatures and has a diving board, also a lift that goes over the mountain where you can go on different hikes, and play laser tag.. random I know. They also have a lovely furniture store where Jon and I pined over what lovely things we would like to buy but aren't going to. They also had a very delicious steak house called Juicy Lucy's.. mmm yummy! Here is Jon being silly at the restaurant. We then proceeded to drive 20 minutes more.. why you ask.. oh yes to go to costco. We have been missing the fact that Grand Junction doesn't have a Costco what is crazy is the town that does have one... is totally remote with probably a population that is only in the 100's... grrr. It was a great trip the baby was fantastic.. and we found ourselves chilling on random couches in stores to feed her!

Special Visit

Jon's parents came to town a few weeks ago and even though it was a short visit it was so fun to have them here. I am still day dreaming about the fresh apple lemonade they made while they were here.. come back already!!

Baby Blessing

In January Jon and I were able to bless our little babe. It was a sweet and precious experience. Here are some pics, thanks to all who were able to make it!!