Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Imogene Pass Run

This year Jon and I and some friends did the Imogene Pass Run. This run is 17 miles long and your elevation reaches up to 13,100 ft. This was the craziest run I have ever done. It was hard, beautiful and so nice to be with friends.

Family in Town

My family came to town for a visit, including Brittney and Jamie who live in London.
We had some good fun hiking and boating and playing games. It has been 8 years since I had seen my younger sister.

BackPacking Trip

Almost all of Jon's family came to Grand Junction and went on a backpacking trip. We headed to aspen to do the 4 pass loop. I believe this was the most spectacular place I have ever seen, the beauty around us was astounding. The trip was 30 miles long, we had a few hiccups along the way as got separated from each other for part of the trip, but we all ended up together before trips end and had an amazing time.

First day of School

Both my kiddos are in preschool this fall! This is Easton's first year of preschool and Brooklyn's 3rd.. oh how she wishes to be a Kindergartner! However she has the greatest teacher and all her little friends with her at school. Easton has just now gotten used to the idea of going.. little mamma's boy!

Slip and Slide action

Our friends had a massive slip slide party at their house for when school got out... my kids had a ball.

24th of July

We went to Utah for the 24th of July this year, to celebrate of course more fireworks. Our friend met us there for part of the weekend. We got to stay at the Thompson's for the part of the trip and see Emily and the girls. We did some hikes, and splashpad and Mt. biking, went to the temple grounds, we just had a great time.